The David Lali Story


My name is David Lali and I am owner and operator of this site.  I entitled it Laligant as kind of a play on words for Lali and elegant.  Something I am not really, but like to joke about to my friends who often laugh at me when they see me show up to a shoot in ripped jeans and an old t-shirt.  I started my photography career about 13 years ago working with a friend doing some weddings and I have turned it into a full-time job.lali

While the wedding shoots and “senior pictures” pay my bills, my true passion is in traveling the world and taking great photography.  One thing I found out about photography is that it is a fraternity of great people working together.  The Internet has brought many of us together and we like to travel and meet up, share stories and share our work.   Photography isn’t just a job, but a way of life.  While I have had the opportunity to shoot Presidential functions,  million dollar weddings and some of the greatest places on earth, some of my favorite work is random “life” pictures that I snap when traveling the world.   A kid playing catch with his father in Midwest Indiana captures America just as much as a view from the top of the Statue of Liberty.   That’s what makes this field so great.

So please follow my blog as not only blog about photography, but life in general.  Thanks and enjoy.

Dave L.