The Best Art Schools With A B.A In Photography

They are over 300 accredited art schools with a B.A. in photography in the U.S. To know more about their details visit the website of National Association of Schools of Art and Design. In that website you will also find the 112 accredited photography programs in the U.S. Another useful link is the site of The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Art schools with a B.A in photography are also to be found in the U.K. You may need to explore these options: Edinburgh college of art, Manchester college, Sotheby’s college in London plus others available online.

Leading Schools

The leading art schools with a B.A in photography include Parsons School of design in New York and Ringling school of art and design in Florida. Parsons offers a curriculum in photography that emphasizes on creative photography focusing on critical thinking and analyzing photography with a global perspective. This may be what you need if you are to join mainstream news organizations as a photographer and carrying out advertising and documentary photography. Ringling offers a B.A with majors in photography and digital imaging. It has students from 47 states in the U.S and from 30 countries. Tuition fee per year is $26,050 but 7 out of 10 students depend on financial aid of some sort. Alongside Parsons, Ringling is truly a prestigious institution. Top corporations who visit Ringling to scout for potential employees include CNN, Warner Bros, Disney, St. Petersburg times, Cartoon Network, Sony pictures image works and Universal studios. Both these institutions are fully approved by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design to offer bachelors in photography and are the best art schools.


More Universities Offering Great Programs

Other well known names include International academy of design and technology which offers a B.A in digital media production which makes one a professional photographer and capable to handle all types of digital media. University of Massachusetts offers a B.A in journalism studies with majors in photography. There is also Academy of Arts University in San Francisco which offers a bachelor of fine arts in photography. Their program aims to orient students to the world of commercial photography by teaching them how to maintain a professional portfolio, working with clients and the concepts of photography. Alumni of Maryland Institute College of art in Baltimore are also to be found in the market of commercial, creative and documentary photography.


Understanding The Specializations

When choosing an art school with a B.A in photography one needs to understand that an art degree in photography is superior in that it offers more electives and specializations compared to an associate degree in photography or a Bachelor of Science degree in photography. These specializations include commercial photography, creative photography, advertising photography, scientific photography, photography in undersea environments, digital imaging photography and fashion photography among other options. Also a B.A gives one the opportunity to develop his own artistic vision and more in depth skills compared to those offered by other professional courses in photography. After the B.A one can do M.A. in photography which sharpens individuals’ skills in the chosen field.