Guide to Photographing Insects

Even though it is easy to forget about the millions of insects that live on Earth, they photograph amazingly well.  The details on the insects are colorful and dramatic. mosquito

#1)  Learn about the subject and environment-  Before you get a chance to photograph an insect, you will probably need to learn more about the environment.  You’ll need to learn about the insect and environment in order to know the best types to photograph.  Trying to figure out the insect’s pattern of behavior will allow you to easily follow your subject.  You can also try to do online research if you are trying to photograph a specific insect.  There might be specific species of trees and flowers that the insect is attracted to.   For example catching a mosquito is a lot harder then catching a spider, as they are more mobile and come out at night.

#2)  Wear the proper clothing and keep yourself safe while you are outside-  It is important to wear proper clothing when you are photographing insects.  Even if you are in a warm climate, you can wear light weight long sleeve shirts and pants.  Protecting your skin can prevent you from getting bitten by mosquitoes and other types of bugs.  If you are going deep in the woods it might be wise to bring a machete or another long knife as you may have to weed through the wilderness to get to the best photography spot.

#3)  Get a Macro Lens or other accessories for your camera-  Macro lenses are important because they allow you to magnify the image without requiring additional attachments.  A potential drawback of using macro lenses to take photographs is focusing on the subject.  Extension tubes can be purchased if you are willing to get additional attachments.

#4)  Be patient and take your time-  After you have taken the time to learn about the environment and do research on the insect; it is time to take the photo.  You don’t have to take a thousand photographs in order to get a good shot.  Being patient allows you to wait until the time is right and get the perfect photo.  The best time of year to try and photograph insects is during the spring and fall.  The spring is a great time for someone who is looking for bees.

#5)  Wait for the right lighting and take a couple of shots-  The right lighting will help you create a breathtaking piece of artwork.  The background will also impact the quality of the photograph.  The same insect will look twice as beautiful when it is sitting on a bright pink flower.

#5)  Frame the photograph-  Adding a frame to the photograph can make it look professional.  If you are looking for a natural looking frame, you should go with bamboo or wood.  Because bamboo and wood are natural materials, they go great with photographs of insects.  If you are looking for a classy frame, you might want to go with a solid gold or black.

#6)  Share the photograph or sell it online-  Sharing the photograph allows everyone to enjoy the wonderful world of nature.  You might want to post it on your social media site or sell it to an art dealer.  You’d be surprised at how much money people are willing to spend on a photograph of an insect.

Photographs of insects are full of detail and color.  Waiting for the right moment, getting a macro lens for your camera, and being patient can help you create a beautiful picture.  You should avoid capturing the bug and killing it just for one photograph.  If you are patient, you can take a perfect photograph without harming the animal.