Bringing Music to Your Photo Studio

I love my photography, I love my studio and I love my music. I spend hours in my photo studio either shooting subjects, planning projects or post-processing images on my computer and it remains my “happy place”. As I’m in there so much I love listening to music while I’m working. I enjoy a lot of different musical styles but am somewhat particular to good Jazz, Classical and Opera.

So, about a month ago I decided to upgrade or rethink the sound system in my studio. I originally set out looking at complete systems, amplifiers, CD players, something that could take new media formats like SD cards and so forth. Typically these come with large floor or wall mounted speakers and there’s no denying, there are some spectacular systems on the market that delivers excellent sound quality. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, to me anyways, I actually ended up going a completely different route. In the end I bought a Turtle Shell portable wireless Bluetooth speaker!

The Turtle Shell by Outdoor Technology is a relatively small device, completely portable and connects to my phone, tablet or desktop via Bluetooth. The sounds emanating from this little speaker is absolutely incredible though. I have to admit, being a newcomer to the Bluetooth speaker market I was blown away.

There were many reason why I settled for a portable speaker over a traditional system. First, the flexibility of being able to actually take this speaker with me on the road for when I shoot on location, listen to it in my car, take it outside on the patio with my laptop on those sunny days when I do want to get out of the studio and out of the house just made sense to me.

Secondly, the fact that it connects across multiple devices completely simplified my music management. I now organize and many my favorite playlists once only, keep it in the cloud and access it from anywhere at any time, and I now exactly what will be on there. Love it!

Finally, the price is right. If you shop around a little you’re going to find one for under $200. That’s hard to beat when compared to buying an entire audio system.

There are of course some great brands who compete in this market. The BOSE Soundlink Mini was a close second and would probably have been my first choice had it been a little more affordable. Bose makes outstanding speakers and it’s hard to go wrong there.

Oh yes, and did I mention these little speakers are compelled weather resistant. Wonderful. The Turtle Shell is just one of many great Bluetooth speakers available. I highly recommend you consider going down this path if you’re looking for a fun modern way to bring music to your studio. I’ve never looked back. For great reviews on outdoor and portable speakers check out