As a Wildlife Photographer

The minute details that the eye of a photographer captures is no less than a painting and to give life to this painting, a photographer needs to have the right skills. If you have the right skills, it is the mental attitudes that would take you to success. As a wild-life photographer, projects are going to test you to your limits. Physical exhaustion is one thing but mental exhaustion is what can cause you to quit and therefore it is always important to be mentally and physically in very good shape.

Photographers around the world have different ways to keep themselves in shape while traveling. Some solely rely on light food while some practice yoga, some get a little weird and you can find a few making road trips in their SUVs with a hitch bike rack mounted on it to go mountain biking once they reach their destination. The mindset of an artist is such that there can be a number of different things that can keep them fresh.

In order to train for a long project, you also need to have a good understanding about your subjects. If you are trying to capture a specific bird or a specific reptile out in the jungle, you better know about your subject in order to keep harm at bay and be able to take better shots. You should also know a few basic skills that can help you survive in the wild. Simple tricks like tying a knot or making fire would take you a long way as a photographer.

wildlife photography
wildlife photography

However in order to do all those things, you still need to ensure that you are physically fit. Here are a few ways that can help you stay fresh and keep you in that frame of mind where you see the world around you differently –

  1. Yoga and meditation – A few minutes of yoga and meditation can keep you safe from all negativity around you. These activities help you focus on your work with a positive frame of mind.
  2. Cycling – There is nothing better than exploring terrains on a bicycle. If there is no good spot around where you live, get a bike rack for SUV from here and simply take off. Being in the hills or mountains is a refreshing experience taking you in close proximity with the nature.
  3. Running or hiking – Morning runs or jogs can too take you a long way and can help you stay fit. Trekking is another option to develop stamina and test your limits.
  4. Sports – Not everyone plays a specific sport but if you were good at a sport as a child, make sure that you keep playing. This would help you improve your reflexes – something that comes handy in the wild.

Getting into a fitness routine is an important aspect of your job as a wild-life photographer and the fitter you are the better places you can be to click a few fantastic shots.

Music to Photograph To

If you are a photographer, you probably have everything you need to take a fantastic picture. If you’ve lost your inspiration lately, a very simple way to get into the zone and enjoy yourself as an artist is to get some sweet music playing in your ears. Choose your songs wisely. The genre of the music you listen would make a huge difference as well. Types of music can either give you an adrenaline rush or can depress you to the core. Music is a key aspect in the lives of artists and it helps in enhancing creativity and brings unique thoughts to you.

There was a time when I used to waste my time just wandering around with my camera – like a kid practicing aimlessly on his best balance bike. I had no inspiration and was much dejected by my very low productivity. It was then that I got myself to read and came to know the gorgeous science or art of music.

Blues (Muddy Waters):

The kind of change that music could bring to your creative part of the brain is phenomenal. There are certain genres of music that can take you into a different zone altogether. The three most prominent genres that can help you relax and think are – blues, ambient, jazz, classical and trance. Install your outdoor speakers in your studio, put on a comfortable volume and simply blend into the ambiance with the sounds of music. A little relaxation can help you do wonders on a paper.

Music has been related to a number of photographs as well. Some artists have clicked some of the most beautiful pictures listening to Clapton, while others have reached the creative brim with Beethoven plugged into their ears. Music helps you keep your mind fresh.

Clapton MTV Unplugged:

Music lets you think without you begging for thoughts to come to you. The power of music cannot be underestimated. As an artist, if you can fall in love with another form of art, there is no limit to the good you would do to the world being an artist. Photography is a matter of keeping a relaxed mind and being patient with your subjects. With practice you learn to develop better skills but if your life is a stressful mess, there is a little you are going to achieve. Relaxing with music would not just help you click better pictures but would keep you motivated for a very long time.

Back Pain Therapy for the Photographer

As a photographer I found myself bending, squatting, twisting and kneeling for hours at a time.  One of the things that I found out was how much a photographer needs a strong back.   After a few months of dealing with pain, I decided to do something about it.  Here is my update.   After doing some research I found that there are many ways to skin a cat, here is what I found.

Many work people suffer from back injuries. To clear things up “back-injuries” can be any pain or any kind of discomfort that you feel in the back. Back-injuries can either be permanent or on short term basis. Most people don’t understand the severity of the back pain until it becomes unavoidable and they have to consult their physician. Our back plays a very important role in supporting us and people who suffer from back pains find difficulty in getting up from a chair or from bed, bending, etc. It may also lead to insomnia due to severe pain.

Time is changing and so are people and their lifestyle. Today everyone is so busy keeping a pace in personal as well as professional life that they tend to ignore their health. There are so many diseases that people suffer from and most of them occur due to the kind of lifestyle people are forced to live today. In earlier days, life was smoother and people didn’t have much tension about anything whether related to family or their career. Today stress and pains have become part and parcel of our present life.

There is various back pain therapy that you can undergo to cure your back problem. If you have severe pain due to some injury then you must see your physician and only then should go ahead with the back pain therapy.

  • Drugs and pain relieving pills: you can take these after consulting you doctor and according taking its dosage. These pills many times show their effect and relive you from the back pain. This can be an effective back pain therapy.
  • Chiropractic care for back pain: this back pain therapy is mostly used by people where a chiropractor first takes the medical history of the person then conducts a physical examination and then one or more manual adjustments by the doctor.  This form of therapy often is multi-faceted and involved  using inversion tables for stretching,  yoga and daily stretching in addition to chiropractic trips.
  • Bio-electric therapy for back pain: this is very safe and drug-free treatment opted by people which not only cures chronic pain but also acute pain. It blocks pain message in the brain using bio-electric currents and this therapy also releases endorphin which help to relieve pain
  • Nerve block therapy: in this therapy nerves are blocked for pain treatment and management. Never blocks can be of different types which serve different causes. The nerve causing pain is blocked by injecting some medication thus the pain is also blocked.