Where to Find America’s Best Graffiti Artists

There are a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs that are displayed through graffiti artwork.  Below are some of the top places to see graffiti artwork in America.  You can enjoy the artwork online or travel to the city and see it up close and personal.  As a photographer I have had the chance to photograph and speak with some of the most famous graffiti artists in the world.  Here is where I have gone and what I have to say about these places.grafff

1)      New York, New York- Graffiti in New York City ranges from detailed portraits to bubble and block letters.  One of the most infamous spots for Graffiti in the city includes 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens.  The cool thing about this building is that it has been tagged by dozens of graffiti artists.  Different artists used different colors and styles, which really makes the artwork unique.  Another amazing place to see graffiti in New York City is the High Line in Chelsea.  Ten years ago, real estate in Chelsea wasn’t seen as a hot commodity.  But today, a one bedroom apartment in Chelsea can cost up to a million dollars.  The High Line is special because it features a mural by famous artist, Kobra.  The Mural is inspired by the famous photograph, “V-J day in New York”.  The main difference between the painting and the mural is that he uses lots of bright and exciting colors.  Kobra painted this whole graffiti with a small paint sprayer as it took him up to 2 weeks to complete.

2)      Miami, Florida- There is no question that Miami is one of the hottest spots for graffiti artists in America.  One of the areas that really stand out is called the Wynwood Walls.  It was created by Tony Goldman in 2009.  Tony appreciated graffiti and wanted to give others the ability to express themselves through their artwork.  Famous graffiti artists who have contributed to Wynwood Walls include Aiko, Nunca, Retna, Roa, Ron English, and much more.  Wynwood Walls is free to the public and located at NW Second Avenue.  Graffiti artwork in Miami stands out because it is full of color and fun.  The bright sunshine makes the artwork look vibrant and full of life.

3)      Los Angeles, California- The history of graffiti artwork in Los Angeles runs deep.  People used artwork to mark their territories, vandalize buildings, and represent gangs.  Today, graffiti artwork has transformed and is recognized as creative artwork.  Some of the most pieces from this past month in L.A include Beware of the Dog by Little Tokyo and Fashion by La Brea.  In Beware of the Dog, Tokyo displays three puppies who are sitting behind barb wired.  Even though they are small and young, they look tough because they are pit bulls.  They come together to make a pack that will attack if you enter the property uninvited.

4)      Chicago- Even though Chicago is known for being the windy city, it doesn’t stop graffiti artists from expressing their artwork outdoors.  The most famous graffiti artist from Chicago is Zore.  Zore grew up in Chicago and often played under the tunnels, subways, and tunnels.  Now he is known all over the world as being one of the most creative urban graffiti artists of our time.  His work can be seen at the Zhou B Art Center on W 25th Street.

Graffiti artwork ranges from 3D images and wild style characters to bright flowers and bubble letters.  New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago are only some of the amazing places to see graffiti artwork in America.  Other cities that provide ample artwork include Detroit and Boston.